hello, goodbye, sweet july

August 5, 2013




1) my brother and his son
2) my dear friend cath
3) my son who does not like me to post photos of him, ever, and who agreed to let me post this because he said i guilt tripped him…i don’t think i did

I looked forward to July with happy anticipation, and enjoyed it so much while it was here…here so briefly…and now it is gone. I feel the same way about my trip to see my brother’s family in Virginia, my son’s 16th birthday, and my visit with my dear friend Cath.

All lovely, and brief and gone.

It sometimes scares me how quickly time passes. It is worse as I age.

Sitting here alone at my dining room table, I am feeling a little down. Two more years with my son. Just two. It makes my heart hurt.

Thank goodness for comic relief from my melancholy thoughts…my neighbor just passed by dragging down the sidewalk her ugliest, creepiest dog ever. It’s such a sorry sight. It always makes me laugh…and SHIVER. Someday I will take a photo of it on the sly and will post it here for you to judge for yourself.

Goodbye sweet July.


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