1) our new dog, vincent
2) my son turned 17 in july and is now about five weeks away from graduating
3) i would spend all summer at lake michigan if i could
4) the lego movie on the score boards of the michigan stadium last august, everything is awesome
5) september birthday dinner for my husband at zingermans
6) easter island head, one of the many snow sculptures i encountered on my walks with vincent this winter
7) i sat down to breakfast and encountered this one morning. these are the mundane moments i don’t want to forget

I was listening to a Selected Shorts podcast yesterday and the host said something like, “life is made up of a series of moments.”

That resonated with me as, in an effort to come up with something to post about, I had just forced myself to sit down and compile a list of things that have happened in my life since I last posted, over six months ago.

It feels like it was just a few weeks ago. Like nothing of note has happened, between then and now: Same day over and over again.

But, using my phone camera roll and my calendar for prompts, I easily came up with a list of more than 20 “moments” that included the seemingly mundane, like dying my own hair for the first time, to the transformative (and heartbreaking), my mother-in-law dying.

It was a reminder to stop now and then and reflect on my moments, whose sum equals my life.

I wonder what moments make up your life. A new recipe? A new love? A loss? I wish I knew.

I hope the positive moments always out number all others.