what’s making me happy this week 06.14.13

June 15, 2013




What making me happy this week 06.14.13


1. mangos
2. blik eames decal
3. charles and ray eames © 2011 eames office, llc
charles and ray Eames “pinned” by chair bases, 1947, as seen in american masters charles & ray eames: the architect and the painter.
4. converse sneaker made with lucienne day textiles
5. nigella lawson’s old fashioned chocolate cake

My son finished his exams Thursday and christened the beginning of summer by having friends over for a fire in the backyard to burn homework, and to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. (Though earlier in the day he said, “I miss school already.”)

The Ann Arbor Summer Festival started last night. Three weeks of free outdoor concerts, food stalls, late night outdoor movies and many other amusements. I noticed they added some free outdoor yoga classes starting at 5pm on the lawn adjacent to my office. Maybe…

There are also free noontime concerts on Thursdays a few blocks away from my office, Sonic Lunches, sponsored by a local radio station. UM graduate Darren Criss was the star of the most recent one. I wanted to go, but didn’t want to wait hours to get in the door of the Michigan Theater. Most concerts are outdoors and not so well attended. But Darren Criss is now a superstar, having conquered Broadway and now starring in Glee. He also wrote and starred in “A Very Potter Musical” which he created while a student here. Such a talented guy. He has quite a fan base here in AA.

In addition to a free-for-summer child who loves school, the start of summer and the anticipation of the AA Summer Festival, also making me happy this week include:

1. Mangos. I didn’t like mangos for a long time due to my experience with some with stringy texture years ago. My brother had me try one a few months ago and it was amazing. Love them. But still need to learn how to properly cut one…as it is now, my hand turns into a sticky, slimy mess and much of the fruit is left on the stone.

2. I have some Blik decals on my office walls, but I may have to replace them with these decals based on Ray Eames textiles. I’ve been thinking about the Eames lately as they are featured in a current exhibit on modern design at the Cranbrook Institute where they met. I plan to attend at the end of the month.

3. Converse sneakers made with Lucienne Day textiles make me happy. But it makes me unhappy that I discovered these years after they were produced.

4. Nigella Lawson’s Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake that may daughter I made this week. I was in the mood for cake. She was in the mood for chocolate. It was better the next day after having been refrigerated.

5. Have you seen these Openculture videos on the Bauhaus, Modernism and American Design?

6. Six Words You Should Say Today, from the Hands Free Momma blog. I love simple suggestions for better parenting. As my sister said, filing this one away with the other important scripts! (One of the best scripts was given to me by my friend, Suzanne, who told me to practice saying over and over again, “I’m sorry, but that would be just impossible.” The period at the end was the most important part.)

7. Libby Callaway’s home featured in the Selby. I probably couldn’t live here, too much going on. But I love looking at it. I love that she’s taken a pretty modest house and really turned it into a spectacular and unexpected space. So much to love here, the chevron rug, the closet, the clothes…though, I’m no fan of antlers, bones or dental casts…

8. Convos with My 2 year Old: Episode 3
Not as good as the first one, but it did make me laugh

Happy weekend to you!


11 Responses to “what’s making me happy this week 06.14.13”

  1. Hi there! Nice to meet you through the Mason Bentley bloggers party! Thanks for sharing the happiness with your blog, finding all the best little things in life. All the best!

  2. MasonBentley Says:

    Here from our Blog Party! and I love mangos too..mango sorbet..yum! I’m going to kick off my shoes and have a good look around xxxxxx

  3. Nigella Lawson’s chocolate cake would definitely make my day ! Too good to connect via MasonBentley’s Blog Party ! Thank you so much for the follow ! Chocolatey greetings from Marseille, France !!!

  4. I’m on the Mason Bentley bloggers party circuit and enjoyed your post. I particularly like the statement,”I’m sorry, but that would be just impossible.” The period at the end was the most important part.”! Leaves no room for ifs, ands, or buts!

  5. I hate seeing something great from 2 or 3 years ago and then realize the only way it have it is to line up with the other obsessed ones at ebay. Those are great sneakers!

  6. Made & had Nigella Lawson’s bailey’s tiramisu just a few nights ago for a friend’s birthday. It was lush, Looking at your cake, makes me want to bake again! Should have made it for the blog party!

  7. kittnoir Says:

    Big fan of recipes from Nigella too. Double yum!! The Ann Arbor Summer Festival sounds fabulous – enjoy 🙂

  8. Traveling around the blog party and yours was my next stop, nice to visit and great blog!

  9. Hi there, Im coming to you through the MB party approximately 24 hours late (oops!). Thanks for your comment on my blog – I’ve definitely garnered a few ideas from yours. Mango is a big winner for me!

  10. Ledodder Says:

    This looks so tasty! Nice to visit your blog, it looks really great. Keep up the good work 🙂

  11. retrochickuk Says:

    I love mangos, but they are a nightmare to cut!

    I’m also loving the look of that chocolate cake! I’m hungry!

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