you say “belstaff”, i say “i want that”

April 10, 2013





you say belstaff, i say i want that

1) women’s trailmaster jacket view 1,
2) women’s trailmaster jacket view 2,
3) skyfall’s eve moneypenny in a belstaff,
4) more of eve’s pretty wardrobe (yes, his suit is pretty too),
5) and more,

Like vintage lambretta scooters, I so salivate when I see an image of a Belstaff jacket. I am not sure when I first saw one, it was years ago. Watching Skyfall last week with my son, I was pretty sure I spotted one on Eve Moneypenny. Turns out I was correct. (I loved all of Eve’s wardrobe.) Belstaffs are too pricey for me, but a girl can dream.


4 Responses to “you say “belstaff”, i say “i want that””

  1. MasonBentley Says:

    Have you seen their shoes as well…sublime! x

    • I had not, until now. The Piccadilly Wedge in Marigold. Oh my. I could never wear them, but I could put them on a shelf and look at them and be happy for a very long time.

  2. MasonBentley Says:

    I’m liking your thinking! x

  3. kittnoir Says:

    Hello thanks for visiting my blog today. Hope you are having fun at the blog party! Lovely blog here – that red dress above is fabulous.Think I shall change into it for rest of blog party!

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